1950's Youth

Teenagers played an enormous role in fashion like never before. Generation gaps emerged, which although today seems quite innocent compared to modern times, these new styles were viewed as rebellious and scorned. Films like 'Rebel Without A Cause' starring James Dean and 'The Wild One' with a young Marlon Brando influenced the fashion of youth.

The Ousiders (1983) - movie about 1950's misfit teens

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Winston Churchil : V is for victory, H is for homburgs.

A homburg is a stiff hat, usually made of fur felt, that is superficially very similar to the trilby or fedora, since both can have a crease from the front to the back of the crown, known as a "center dent". The homburg usually has no pinches, and has a brim with the edge sharply turned up all the way around.
It was popularized by Edward VII after he visited Bad Homburg in Hessen, Germany, and brought back a hat of this style.
Brief History on Edward VIII: If you are not familiar with this figure, read on, for his life contains one of the greatest love stories of our modern age.
King Edward VIII did something that monarchs do not have the luxury of doing - he fell in love. King Edward was in love with Mrs. Wallis Simpson, not only an American, but also a married woman already once divorced. Yet, in order to marry the woman he loved, King Edward was willing to give up the British throne - and he did.
To some, this was the love story of the century. To others, it was a scandal that threatened to weaken the monarchy. In reality, the story of King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson never fulfilled either of these notions. Instead, the story is about a prince who wanted to be like everyone else.
The duke of Windsor (formerly Edward VIII) and duchess of Windsor on their wedding day, June 3, 1937

King Edward VIII's 1934 Buick, which he rode to Downing Street to announce his abdication from the British throne.

In Britain, a black homburg became widely known in the 1930s as an "Anthony Eden" after the Government Minister of that name. It is believed by some that Eden's rapid rise through the political hierarachy owed as much to image as to substance.

Anthony Eden wearing his signature homburg.
The homburg is sometimes referred to as The Godfather, which tends to variate with a slightly wider brim which rolls upward on the sides the way a bowler hat would.

Location: New York


Designer: Michael Kors
Founded: 1981, New York
Owned By: Private
History: Kors got his start designing and styling for a Manhattan boutique at age 19. In 2002, more than 20 years after establishing a women's line, Kors launched a men's collection; a year later, he took home a CFDA award for it. His trademarks: grown-up, quintessentially masculine clothing—flannel suits, country-club blazers, cotton slacks—updated with luxurious fabrics and bold (sometimes electrifying) color.
The Look: Old Hollywood, with a Pixar palette

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Heard in London: Galliano to decorate Claridge's Xmas Tree

John Galliano has a thing for costumes, and it appears his latest role model could be Santa Claus. Word from London is that Claridge’s, the city’s most storied hotel, has asked the Christian Dior designer to decorate the Christmas tree that greets the guests in its Art Deco lobby. (Trimming duties were previously handled by an in-house team.) Galliano may be based in Paris, but he is, after all, a Commander of the British Empire.

The tree is set to be unveiled to the public when it’s illuminated on December 1. An official announcement is expected in the next few days.