All of you love when brands get artsy, when they go totally outside of their boundaries, and are still able to promote their clothing. And that is the case for Uniforms of the Decade, who always try to showcase their brand in a different way. Watch music video  below.

Entitlted  “March of No Coincidence” feat. Maria Nordström
To follow up previously triumphs of A Play of Nonsense and 1020 Trickery Lane, Uniforms this time introduce their new single with another in-house produced music video – a thrilling trip through the world of March of No Coincidence.

Produced by Jonas Rathsma and Nils Krogh who make the music under the name of Uniforms, the new track features the multitalented Maria Nordström on vocals, formerly lead singer in Zeigeist but also herself an upcoming designer on the fashion scene.

“Through unexpected collaborations we aim to explore new ways to produce and distribute music. One collective – one name” – Jonas Rathsman, Uniforms
The March of No Coincidence single co-plays with a larger collection concept from Uniforms for the Dedicated, also including clothing design , artwork , and film .
Music by: Uniforms feat. Maria Nordström /
Directed by: Mattis Gustafsson & Oskar Ljungholm /
Director of Photography: Erik Nordlund /
Produced by: Fredrik Wikholm /
Visual effects & animation: Anders Hellman /
Set designer & illustrations: Mikel Nilsson /
Edited by: Mattis Gustafsson, Oskar Ljungholm, Anders Hellman
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Chances are if you are not a film buff, exceedingly cultured, or from eastern Europe the name Goran Bregovic is an unfamiliar title. Nonetheless, it is a certainty that one of his compositions has reached you whether or not you were aware of it. The veteran Serbian composer has been a force in spreading the beauty of Balkan composition internationally and has left his imprint on the world by creating emotion filled ethnic symphonies many of which have been popularized through iconic gypsy films such as Time of the Gypsies and Arizona Dream. I got the chance to catch one of his shows while he was in Los Angeles several months ago and was blown away not only by some of the funkiest brass known to man but also the amazing energy that he and his band (the wedding and funeral orchestra) performed with giving even more life to his music. The track I am leaving you with, “Ya Ya”, is just one of an abundance of genius arrangements brought to us by Bregovic and is most definitely on my dance party playlist, fyi. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Thanks Sashko and Trandland!