If you ever have the chance to meet Channing Tatum… do it. Preferably in a quiet setting where there aren’t any rabid fans,
or autograph

As ‘Dear John‘ took over the #1 spot in the UK box office (clashing with ‘Titans’ and taming a ‘Dragon’), Channing Tatum continued to film his crime thriller ‘Son of No One‘ in New York City and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum filmed her romantic comedy ‘Balls to the Wall‘ in Los Angeles.

Fans can check out the latest pics of the bi-coastal sweethearts on today’s post in the CTU photo gallery.

You can find Chan walking around the Soho district of NYC in his ever-popular Vibram Five Fingers and visiting a photo gallery on April 19th and Jenna showing off her gorgeous gams in LA on April 17th and on the set of her new movie this week.

Also you can have a couple of exclusive personal pics (aka Glamour Shots) that Jenna just tweeted to fans today. Just in case there was ever any doubt, the pics make it really clear that the Texas beauty got hit by the pretty stick at a VERY early age. 

I think it's enough for today..but one more.. thing 

'Dear John' topples 'Titans' at UK BO
Dear John has beaten Clash Of The Titans to take the top spot at the UK box office.
The Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried romance, which topped the US charts on its release in February, pulls in almost £2 million in ticket sales to secure the number one position ahead of fantasy epic Titans and DreamWorks's How To Train Your Dragon.
Kick-Ass and the Nanny McPhee sequel round out the top five, while Roman Polanski thriller The Ghost is a new entry at number six.
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's big screen directorial debut Cemetery Junction lands in seventh place with a £640,000 haul.
The UK box office top ten in full:
1. (-) Dear John - £1,995,301
2. (1)Clash Of The Titans- £1,557,034
3. (2) How to Train Your Dragon - £1,282,519
4. (3) Kick Ass £910,453
5. (4) Nanny McPhee And Big Bang- £866,940
6. (-) Th Ghost- £953,679
7. (-) Cemetery Junction- £641,218
8. (5)  Alice In Wonderland - £498,948
9. (6)   The Blind Side- £299,079
10. (7)  Remember Me- £225,397

Well, guys...and Ladys..! This is the man of the Day, Week and Month! :P
Have fun, fans!!!!!

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  1. santiago says:

    He is really handsome! I really really love him! He is such a professional actor and as well a dancer. I wish to meet him someday. I am amazed by how he wears his clothes.. really manly. Thanks for posting his pictures in your blog.

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